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Bok Tower Gardens Astronomy Festival


Bok Tower Gardens Astronomy Festival (Saturday February 18 6- 9pm)

We are looking for a core group to represent CFAS for this event. They are expecting around 1,000 people to be in attendance. A head count is NEEDED before the start of the event since they will be keeping a list. Please let me know by Wednesday this week if you're planning to attend the event. Below is the information we have received from George Fleenor who is the astronomy coordinator for the event:

"The highlight information for Astronomer Volunteers are:

1. They can arrive earlier during the day to explore BOK Tower if they wish (FREE).
A list will be kept at the front gate of participants.

2. There will be reserved parking for astronomers.

3. Set up will be between 4PM - 5PM.

4. Cars will be allowed to drive in to set up on the observing field but can not stay during the event. Cars will be allowed to return for breakdown, after the event. Additional lighting will be available at this time to assist in breakdown.

5. It is recommended, for safety reasons, that everyone provide their own power. There are a few power outlets on the edge of the observing field but extension cords would be needed, thus being a possible tripping hazard. There is a slight slope to the observing field.

6. A head count and list of participating names is needed by February 15 so that it can be posted at the gate. I recommend that they let you know and you can then pass the information along to me.

Since this is being held at BOK Tower, the number of potential visitors is high. We will need as many telescopes/astronomers as we can get to help make this event a success. CFAS participation in the past was crucial, as it is this time. Even though other clubs have been invited, CFAS is by far the one that is counted on. Thanks for drumming up support and help with this event. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me anytime at"

We hope to see you all at these events and in advanced thank you for making CFAS a great resource in our community!

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