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CFAS Observing Site Rules

The CFAS Observing sites are both privately and publicly owned.  They are designated for the purpose of advancing amateur astronomy.  To ensure all users of our observing sites can have meaningful and fun times we follow an universal  dark sky protocol.   Members and their guests are welcome at our sites during new moon weekends (and other times, if prior arrangements have been made) to setup and observe.  Additionally, all members and guests must register at our Spring and Fall Astrofest  events.

On a typical clear sky new moon weekend, a wide range of members and visitors may be at our sites -- new beginners to advanced experts, casual observers to detailed imagers, and simple inexpensive telescopes to advanced very expensive equipment . Clearly we want all attendees to have a worthwhile experience.  This requires all abide by a set of rules and guidelines.  These are based in the  most part on applying common courtesy.  A good universal rule:  Ask if you are not sure.

Rule #1 - Have Fun!

Vehicles and  lights- It is best to arrive at our observing sessions before sunset.  If you do arrive after darkness approach the observing site with parking lights only.  Lights off when entering the area.  Rig your vehicle doors so no lights come on when opened.  When leaving the reverse is true.  Let people know before you start up your vehicle.

Lights - at dusk all lights go red (monitors, cameras, computers, flashlights, etc.)

Trash - is your responsibility. This includes food-generated trash, cigar and cigarette butts, soda cans, etc. When you leave, your trash goes with you. Please leave the site without evidence of your stay.

Astro-Electric - The electricity provided on fields is designed for powering astronomy related electronics such as telescopes, laptops, dew heaters, camera's, etc.  Please refrain from using coffee makers, electric space heaters, microwave ovens, clothing dryers, large screen TV's, and other high current draw devices.  Everyone loses if a breaker pops.

Music - help yourself but please be considerate to those who may not have the same taste in music - when in doubt ask.

Sleep – During CFAS multi-night  Astrofest  events, after endless hours of searching the cosmos, rest is a good thing.  If you happen to be an early riser, please keep quiet.  Courtesy allows for observers to sleep until noon, so please be considerate.

Pets - are welcome.  Please make sure you pick up and properly dispose of all waste and make sure that they are well behaved towards others and properly secured.

Behavior - observe common courtesy towards others on the field -- be considerate of all and if you have any doubt, ask.

Green Lasers - They may be used at observing  events, but please do not point lasers at any person, land target, or aircraft and be considerate of imagers.  Check with those around you before using the laser.  Imagers have priority.

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