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CFAS owns and maintains numerous telescopes.  You can find details about these telescopes here.

These telescopes are maintained in two categories; Outreach and Loaner telescopes. Loaner telescopes are available to be checked out from the observing committee. Reular members may check out telescopes for up to 30 days; Patron members can check out telescopes for 90 days. Check outs are normally scheduled at the monthly meetings although special arrangements can be made. CFAS members can reserve telescopes by contacting the Loaner Telescope manager.

Outreach telescopes are very high end telescopes that are used during our Outreach observing events, and are maintained by CFAS members. These telescopes are normally available for viewing objects during monthly observing sessions.  Please make it a point to spend some time observing through them at our sessions.

If you have questions please contact the Loaner Telescope manager : Francisco Gonzalez [

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